Wanna Learn How to Touch your Toes?

I have been inflexible my entire life, until now. And I have a great secret to share with you. It only takes 10-15 minutes a day of consistent stretching to see MAJOR RESULTS. After less than a month I can already touch my toes and have extended my goal to touching my nose to my thighs. Give yourself 4 weeks of 10 minutes EVERYDAY and see how far you can get! Here is how I did it.

BE CAREFUL with the two double leg stretches! If you have a back problem this can be dangerous and you should probably stick with the one leg at a time stretch.
Using exercise tubing, bungee cord, or anything else that has elastic pull, hook up to something at ground level and grab onto it. Assume your stretch position and let it gently pull you TOWARD it. Notice that the goal is not to go towards the ground, but towards your feet or the cord.
Keep your abs active to protect your back.
Breathe in and feel your spine elongate.
Breathe out and feel yourself get closer to your feet or where the cord attaches.
As you progress you can continue to grab further and further on the stretch cord so it pulls you a little harder.
remember though, if it is pulling you too hard it will make your muscles tighten up and you will not get good results.
Use your breath to stay relaxed.
Hang out here for a few minutes.

Touch your toes hamstring stretch

Touch your toes hamstring stretch

Touch your toes hamstring stretch

ALWAYS end with these exercises below. They are necessary for the health of your spine after all of those touch-your-toe flexion stretches. They will put some extension back into your spine and help neutralize the position of your discs. Because we sit so much, and because sitting flexes the spine, we need to even it out with extension movements.
How to do the opposite arm/leg reach:
– Keep your abs active.
– Gently REACH your arm and opposite leg away from your body.
– Reach the leg backwards as if you were kicking a door shut.
– The goal is to elongate the spine, not arch it.
– Then touch the floor with your foot and hand (2nd photo) for a second, keeping the abs tight and low back protected.
– Do 10-15 reps per side

Opposite arm & leg reach

Opposite arm & leg reach

Now we need to finish with elongating the hip flexors to restore balance on the pelvis, hip and spine.

 How to do it:
– Keep your abs active.
– Gently tighten the glutes of the leg that is behind you as you tilt the pelvis up, as if your were tucking your tail in
– The goal is to elongate and tighten the spine, not arch it.
– You should feel a stretch in the front of the leg that is kneeling and in the lateral side right above it.
– Hold for 30-90 seconds and relax your breathing


Hip flexor & psoas stretch


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